Public Safety- Over the course of the past four years the Hattiesburg Police Department has seen tremendous growth and successes. Police ranks, which numbered only 75 just a few years ago, have increased to nearly the full capacity of 140 officers. As the police force grew, so also did the officers pay, by $5000 per officer. To ensure that our Fire Service was adequately staffed and paid, pay has also increased by 25%.
Budget- Immediately after taking office Dave became intimately involved in the budgeting process. Led by a strong conviction that elected officials must be good stewards of the people’s money, Councilman Ware has helped ensure that the budget for the City of Hattiesburg was based on conservative revenues projections. Dave has also fought against any tax increases.
Infrastructure- Upon taking office, Dave pledged to work to repair the failing infrastructure in Hattiesburg and to do so without raising taxes. Following through with this pledge, the city now has a seven year plan to resurface every street. To achieve this goal, the City Council has appropriated approximately $3 million per year for street repairs. This compares to previous years when this appropriation was less than $1 million annually.
Homeless Coalition- Realizing that we all have a responsibility to serve those who are less fortunate, Dave held a roundtable discussion on homelessness in 2007. This meeting brought together more than fifty representatives from various entities that work to prevent or serve those in need. From this and other discussions arose the Pine Belt Coalition on Homelessness, whose primary mission is to address the needs of those who are without a home or those who are at risk of loosing their home. In 2009, Dave was successful in obtaining Community Block Grant Funding to assist the Coalition in its objectives.

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