Our city must continually communicate a vision, set a plan, accomplish results and facilitate a culture that says to the world that in Hattiesburg, we will continually strive to be the best. Together, we will work and achieve great things because we control our destiny if we choose greatness. Toward that end, Dave Ware will seek to rally our city around several initiatives.



Stop patching and start replacing. Water and sewer lines, storm drains and our lagoon system are all failing. For Hattiesburg to reach its potential, we must commit to build the foundation for job creation and neighborhood reinvestment. This means replacing antiquated drainage and water lines. Children in Palmer's Crossing should not drink from asbestos water pipes.

Find modern solutions to wastewater. Stop polluting our rivers with our sewage and putting temporary band-aids on the smell.



Work to improve the conditions in which our public safety employees work. Chiefs Bolton and Webster have each done an amazing job leading our police and fire Departments, but deplorable facilities continue to plague our community. As Mayor, Dave Ware will push towards a state-of-the-art Public Safety Complex that will serve as home to our brave women and men. By enhancing fines and continuing to restore integrity in our municipal court, we will allow those who violate the law to help pay for these improvements.

Make our traffic system work for everyone at the neighborhood level. Working with other officials, Hattiesburg will continue to improve safety by providing sidewalks and bicycle lanes in our community. By investing in these improvements, we improve the safety of our children encourage citizens to improve health by exercising and reduce the amount of traffic on our roadways.



• Make residents the priority in every interaction with City personnel and technology. Every resident in this City deserves excellent customer service during each interaction with City employees. From online bill payment options to face-to-face services, a satisfied customer should be the objective of each Interaction. All employees will be trained to provide engaged customer care.

Evaluate and reward departments and personnel who provide great customer service. To ensure that we are meeting this objective, we will institute a third party evaluation program, a mystery shopper, so to speak. Each department will be evaluated on a random basis to see if goals are being met, and individuals within departments will receive customer service reviews. Individual employee merit-based pay increases will be instituted and customer service reviews included in the employee evaluations.